Jean-Luc Nguyen - Freelance Hands-On CTO / Senior Software Engineer (PHP / Laravel / Vue.js)
2015 - Present | St Julians, Malta

Freelance Software Developer

Expert in developing custom web apps in PHP / Laravel / Vue.js

Cibiltech: Medical tech

  • audit and cleaning of codebase
  • helped team adopt best practices and SOLID principles
  • assist with migration to micro-services architecture

Codepi: Telecom Operator

  • rewrite of a legacy billing software. Dealing with many specific business rules in order to invoice more than 10 million calls a month, with different rates to different destinations for different clients (multilevel/white label), depending on the client call package. Optimization of algorithms and architecture to scale data calculation speed.
  • development from scratch of a front-end administration interface for the Centile VoIP communication platform, connected through their SOAP API

Beaumarly Group / Gilbert & Thierry Costes Family: Hotel & Restaurant chain in Paris

  • development of a room service app for the group hotels (web / mobile)
  • development of a CRM and tool to datamine the customer database of the group. Implementing algorithms to automatically cross-refer data from several sources, cleaning and enriching missing data. Dataviz dashboard

Air France: Airline

  • development of a flight disruption management tool to automate and streamline recovery solutions for passengers through a multicanal, multiplatform chatbot.

Axa: Insurance and Banking

  • development of a twitter chatbot to answer automatically to their customers and suggest answers to FAQ. Compliant with GDPR.
2020 - 2021 | St Julians, Malta

Hands-On CTO of Storylation

Engagement platform for distributed teams

Storylation started as a social network where people shared positive stories about each other.
It pivoted into an engagement platform for distributed teams.
Hands-on CTO. Lead the R&D team and developed the app from scratch.
Api backend in Laravel, frontend in Vue.js, mobile app in React Native.
June 2017 | Paris, France

2nd prize of Hackathon organized by Groupe Casino

We developed a working prototype of a vocal assistant, based on Amazon Echo, which allows a customer to browse an e-commerce website using only their voice.
June 2017 | Paris, France

Winner of Viva Technology Hackathon, Sodexo track

We presented a concept that transform unused spaces in SODEXO's client offices into coworking spaces, with social features which allow collaboration, mobility and boost happiness in the workplace
May 2017 | Paris, France

Winner of Hackathon organized by Carrefour

The theme was: "How to deepen relationships between local producers, customers and retail stores".
We developed a marketplace allowing local producers to benefit from the large distribution network of Carrefour, in a win/win/win situation, with an optimized UI for the customer, and specifically tailored to the needs of mass distribution and limited production
December 2016 | Paris, France

Winner of Hackathon organized by Total

We got to work on the challenging subject of spreading energy access to developing countries. More than 1.5B people still lack access to electricity. Total has already improved the life of 1.6M people with their innovative solar lighting solutions Awango. We proposed an additional module (hardware) that would allow any owner of an Awango solution to sell the energy they produced with their solar panel, thus helping them finance the acquisition of such solution
November 2016 | Paris, France

Winner of Hackathon organized by Air France

Developed a prototype of a system helping Air France deal with flight delays, cancellations by automating customer service with a multi channel chat bot offering backup plans and solutions in a crisis situation.
December 2015 | Paris, France

Winner of the TADHack Paris Hackathon (Circuit by UNIFY prize)

The hackathon was focused on WebRTC technologies. I developed in 24 hours a module using Circuit by UNIFY that can be plugged on any marketplace product page to allow customers to interact with other customers and product specialists via text, voice and video chat.
November 2015 | Paris, France

Winner of the Big Data Hackathon organized by Beaumarly Group

We developed an innovative global solution/strategy to qualify and datamine the customer database of the hotel/restaurant chain.
November 2015 | Paris, France

Winner of the IoT Hackathon organized by SNCF

The theme was: "How to optimize the maintenance and management of a train station's equipments with a connected object".

SNCF has a legacy infrastructure of non-connected objects such as automatic booth tickets, ticket punchers, elevators and escalators. When they fail, it can take hours before someone notify them of the malfunction. Our solution was to develop a connected button add-on which can be placed on any equipment for a user to report a malfunction, and a maintainer to badge the equipment after their intervention.

We developed in 48h the functional prototype, the dataviz, a 3D printed representation of the button and a few marketing materials.
2013 - 2015 | Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Chief Information Officer at Etix Everywhere

Smart Datacenters

  • Developed the MVP of the company ERP alone in PHP (Yii framework) / MySQL in 2 months (ticketing system, CTI integration, middleware with DCIM, escalation process)
  • Defined and implemented the system and network infrastructure (distributed and redundant architecture) of the company's datacenters (VMware ESX, VPN, routers, switches, load balancers, provisioning tools...)
  • With the first round of Series A funding (15M €), attracted and recruited more than 50 top software engineers and interns in 18 months, growing the team from 1 to 35 members despite the difficult location (Luxembourg) and the lack of available software developers on the market
  • Managed a pool of 6+ R&D projects in Web App, Mobile (IOS and Android), IoT, following the Agile methodologies and using technologies such as PHP, NodeJS, Go, C++, MySQL, Redis, Cassandra, MongDB, Docker
  • Worked hard to implement and maintain a good start-up company culture with core values such as transparency and trust
2013 | Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Volunteering for Taramana

  • Shot and edited a parody of Gangnam Style with 160 kids from a slum in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (1.6 million views on Youtube)
  • Raised 20.000 USD for various projects benefiting the kids.
  • Buzz strategy leading to media coverage online & offline in Cambodia, France, UK, USA, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil
2011 | Siem Reap, Cambodia

Volunteering for the Learning Foundation

  • I shot a lipdub with 300 kids from a primary school in Siem Reap, Cambodia (viewed 9.500 times)
  • Raised 3000 USD, organized and managed an eyecare mission (1000+ kids were screened, 9 received a pair of glasses, 6 had surgery)
2006 - 2011 | Paris, France

Founder of Besoindaide

IT Remote support for SOHOs and consumers

Up to 350K EUR annual revenues and 2 employees. Leader on the French Market

Sales & Marketing Strategy (B2B and B2C)

  • 3000+ customers with 10% recurrent users.
  • PR Campaign leading to television report on main French TV Channel (M6) and top French IT newspaper (Le Monde Informatique)
  • SEO on competitive keywords such as “dépannage informatique, assistance informatique, maintenance informatique” leading to first page results on 3 main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) and 1st result on Google for “dépannage informatique à distance”.
  • Pay-Per-Clic optimization (keyword selection based on ROI, user tracking) on Google Adwords / Yahoo advertisement / Bing Ads leading to 30% decrease of customer acquisition cost
  • User retention and acquisition through marketing emails (special offers, discounts, referrals)

Technical projects

  • Development of internal CRM/ERP highly customized to business needs (financial reports, clients statistics and history) in PHP/MySQL
  • Deployment of self-hosted VOIP infrastructure (Asterisk + softphones): decentralized Call Center, employees working remotely from several locations (integration with CRM, automatic call recording, dialplan)
  • Servers administration and monitoring
  • Development of various tools to support the business (scraping of companies listing for prospection, user tracking on website)


  • Built a national network of 50+ subcontractors
  • Everything an entrepreneur has to do to run a business: legal work, accounting, recruiting, paperwork
2006 | Paris, France

Graduated from EPITECH - European Institute of Technology

Master of Computer Science and Engineering

2000 | Paris, France

French Baccalauréat, Science Major