Jean-Luc Nguyen - CTO / Software Engineer

Jean-Luc Nguyen

CTO / Software Engineer

Jean-Luc Nguyen

CTO / Software Engineer


Jean-Luc was born in France and grew up in Paris.

He studied Information Technology at EPITECH, one of the most renowned IT schools in France. He worked for several corporate atmospheres during his schooling, ranging from SOHO to international law firms and CAC 40 companies, principally as a consultant or a system and network engineer. His missions involved different technical skills, such as web and software programming, database architecture and insuring IT infrastructure reliability as well as security. These experiences required a lot of reactivity, which trained him to work efficiently under pressure and against time constraints.

As soon as he graduated in 2006, at 22 years old, he created his first company in computer services: With the democratization of new technologies use came an increasing need for support services. By providing online remote assistance, SOHOs and individuals could access for the first time to cheap and efficient remote help instantly. The company quickly became the leader in remote assistance in France. That first entrepreneurial experience gave him a global vision of all the aspects required to develop a business. The included defining the company's strategy, marketing and sales, managing human resources and dealing with legal aspects.

After 4 years, in 2010, he felt the need to do something more inspiring. He decided to travel around the world for a while. He hoped that traveling would open his eyes as to what happens abroad and maybe inspire him to do something more fulfilling with his life. In the meantime, he came back to his first passion: filmmaking. He started an online Web TV sharing his experiences and stories he witnesses around the world. He volunteered for several NGO's in Cambodia, using his filmmaking and IT skills to produce several movies which gathered millions of views on Internet, which lead to a successful fundraising campaign for impoverished kids in need.

In 2013, he joined the startup Etix Everywhere in the datacenter industry as Chief Information Officer to help bootstrap the company's growth. With a successful fundraising of 15M EUR, during 2 years, he directed the R&D department Etix Labs, managing more than 6 projects (Web, mobile, IoT) by grewing the R&D team from 1 to 35 people.

Since 2016, he's been providing software development services through his own agency. Amongst his clients are companies ranging from SOHO's to big corporations in various industries such as Telecom, Transportation, Hospitality and Insurance. Winner of 8 hackathons, he specializes in innovative projects.

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